Certified Shade-grown, Organic, Fair Trade

Café owners/managers - whether you are opening a new café of are considering changing suppliers, we can help. We run our own cafe so we understand the demands and challenges of running a profitable yet sustainable food service business. We routinely help new cafés startup. See 10 reasons to use Birds and Beans in your café.

Restaurant owners/managers - you’ve carefully crafted the menu, chosen the best ingredients, prepared and tasted everything until you’ve created something special. So why leave the coffee to chance? With our roast-dated boutique coffee your customers will finish with the quality of the meal. See 10 reasons to use Birds and Beans in your restaurant.

Retailers whether you offer food products or nature and birding products, our unique line of our triple certified coffees are a great addition. This delicious coffee in attractive packaging is the most environmentally friendly coffee in the world. See 10 reasons to carry our triple certified line of coffees.

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Sacks of Bird Friendly® Coffee