Birds and Beans, Soaring above the crowd

Birds and Beans roasts only coffees that have positive environmental and social impacts. All of our coffee purchases support growers who protect and encourage forest habitat on their farms. Their coffee production is certified Organic and Bird Friendly®, so you can be certain that supporting them sustains forest habitat for our migratory songbirds and other forest wildlife.

All of our coffees are certified Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance, so you are also assured that our growers receive premium prices and are well treated.

Birds and Beans is equally committed to quality. During our 14 years of experience, we have mastered the art and science of profile-roasting resulting in coffee that sets us above and beyond the crowd. We do not follow trends. We taste what is in our mouths, and we adjust our roasting profiles until we love every cup.

Birds and Beans: A richer taste, a richer earth®