Menu - A Richer Taste, A Richer Earth®

Come in to Birds and Beans Coffee and treat yourself to something special! All our coffees are organic, shade grown, fairly traded, boutique coffees. We use Organic Meadow Milk in our latté and cappuccino. Treat yourself with 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified shaved chocolate on your specialty drink. Even our milk table offers organic milk and sugar. We're the real deal!

Choose one of Four Freshly Roasted Brewed Coffees

Every day we offer four brewed coffees. Our menu board identifies the coffees on brew and their roasted dates — always within the last few weeks.

Our house coffee, Colombia Condor, is a certified Organic-Bird Friendly® coffee with enough interest for every coffee lover.

You can also choose from our daily bold coffee, feature coffee or decaf.

100% Bird Friendly, Organic Specialty Coffees with Organic Milk

We offer the best espresso, latté, cappucino and americano in the city made from the only Bird Friendly espresso in Canada! We blend our espresso to compliment the flavours the organic milk in a latté or cappucino. Our baristas are trained to pour espresso perfectly every time so it has the great great crema and aroma with flavours of chocolate and malt from the approach to the finish.

Cruelty Free Yummy Treats

We bake all of our treats from scratch daily using organic eggs from happy hens (see Chicken Out!). Our breakfast cookie is a daily favourite in the neighbourhood with rolled oats, almonds, sunflower seeds, honey and cranberries.

Our chocolate chunk cookies are absolutely without rival! We use our Rainforest Alliance Certified Plantations Chocolate. We offer a the cookie with either milk or dark chocolate. What a treat!

Cruelty Free, Certified Organic Light Lunch

For lunch we offer simple wraps and sandwiches with hand crafted Sopa Organica soups. All are certified organic and, so cruelty free! No factory farmed product allowed. We use Wild Planet tuna in our tuna salad, the only canned tuna in Canada getting beter than a passing sustainability grade from Greenpeace. Our egg salad is homemade from fresh certified organic cage free eggs so it is always fresh and tasty. Our sandwich slices are locally raised and certified organic from Beretta Farms. Even our cheddar cheese is certified organic from Quebec, and so produced from well treated animals.

We offer spinach empanadas from the Empanada Company in Long Branch and, come summertime, we offer Ice Cream from Sweet Olenka's at Lake Shore and Islington. We love to keep it in the "hood".


Homemade Breakfast Cookie